Monday, 1 January 2018


Suspending my questions around whether ghosts exist, why do people, when they recall seeing some ethereal spectre floating up the stairs or through walls, assert that the phantasm is often attired in Victorian or Elizabethan garb etc? If a ghost is the soul of some formally living person and they are supposedly floating around amongst the living trapped - then why do so, wearing ghost clothes? Clothes aren’t living - or do clothes have souls?
Also, it is often claimed that the spectre is the soul of some poor creature who met an unjust death, or some similarly dramatic demise - like, for example, the story of Lady Jane Grey, cruelly executed at the direction of Mary Tudor in 1554. Yet, English novelist Evelyn Waugh and singer Elvis Presley both popped their clogs, while doing the business on their respective loos - and we don't hear boo about them haunting anything. Surely we should see a ghostly Elvis shuffling through Graceland with his flares around his ankles? The whole thing just seems improbable.

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  1. Maybe certain locations of olde have a stronger spiritual portal? And many souls have been sighted in more modern clothing.....although has anyone in Egypt sighted ancient Egyptian ghosties? And apparitions unless run around naked when they were living ....Will always connect to their previous living state? Their favourite outfit? Or attire on the day they passed over ?😎😊