Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Christian Lawyer

Come and hear
The Christian QC
Arms extended
Alms sought
A public meeting
To talk about his faith
A life devoted
To a forgiving God
Bending the knee
Taking the bread and wine
This is my body broken
This is my blood
Shed for your forgiveness
Hungrily he eats
Meanwhile during the week
The QC sits on a school board
In the evening
Tirelessly giving his time
Though unpaid
He swells with another accolade
A young boy, third generation
Working class, devout
He’s been wagging
Dad’s spoken
His mum’s broken
“Please give our boy a chance?”
“No, he’s broken the rules.
You’re expelled, get out.”
On Sunday with pure heart
The QC takes the bread and wine
And gives thanks
To his forgiving God
On bended knee

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