Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Welfare Changes Won't Lead to a Brighter Future

When National took over unemployment was at 17,710 it is now at 56,264. To force people to look for jobs that aren't there is bizarre. Similarly the solo mums I know don't "breed for the benefit." The way forward is to move people onto paying jobs. These changes don't create any jobs and just appeal to prejudices unsupported by facts or informed by reality.

These changes will do nothing to address the real concern that under National the gulf between rich and poor has grown and we now have 200,000 children living in poverty. These changes should not be seen as reforms, but rather a cheap shot appeal to the uninformed by a tired Government bereft of ideas and lacking in compassion.

Everyone would accept the basic premise that the way out of poverty is through paid work. But the corollary is that well-remunerated jobs must be available, along with quality childcare. Second, job seekers must have the necessary skills and health to be in those jobs, or be adequately supported to enable them to get the jobs available. National's benefit shake-up won't change this, unemployment has grown under National and there are an absence of jobs to actually look for.

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