Sunday, 22 May 2011


I was talking with an Auckland based broker last week: word is that John Key if re-elected would like to quit New Zealand in the second year of his second term and go on to the board of a multi national like BP in London and wash his hands of New Zealand. Has anyone heard anything similar (it gives him enough time to flog off our assets off to his rich mates)? Key has said he would bugger off if he doesn't win anyway, so he has no deep seated loyalty to New Zealand.

This starts to make sense when you see the lack of long terms vision for economic growth under the Key administration. It really is just spin and a desperate attempt to keep New Zealand in a delayed nose dive holding pattern. I am advised that when he was asked a couple of weeks ago (at a breakfast function) as to what he was going to do regarding the long term unaffordability of national superannuation - he said he was going to do nothing as it would not be a problem for ten years. This is both irresponsible but also revealing as it shows a man who only has a short term horizon as to his leadership.

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