Thursday, 31 March 2011


NEWSTALK ZB 1 April 2011 "A counter view this morning that Greg Meads should have to pay more reparation for the murder of his wife.
The Waikato horse breeder has been sentenced to at least 11 years behind bars.
He shot his wife Helen at close range at their Matamata home in 2009, just days after she told him she was leaving.
He has also been ordered to pay $65,000 to Helen Meads' parents, and her two children.
Mrs Meads' father, David White, says the Meads family fortune is worth $40,000, and Greg Meads should be forced to pay more.
But Auckland University Law Professor Warren Brookbanks says compared with other cases where reparations have been awarded, the amount is relatively high.
"You don't often find reparation awards in the tens of thousands of dollars but that's what the court decided was appropriate," he says.
Mr Brookbanks says the family is entitled to appeal the decision and seek more money.
The Sensible Sentencing Trust says the prison term handed down to Meads takes the cake when it comes to appalling sentences.
Sensible Sentencing spokesman Garth McVicar says it indicates a bullet is cheaper than divorce.
"Any woman who's thinking of leaving her husband will be dead scared their husbands are looking at this and weighing up the odds," he says.
Mr McVicar says he has been contacted by several barristers also appalled at the sentence, who want to work will the family to lodge an appeal.

More thoughtless crap from Garth McVicar of the SS Trust. This murderer received a life sentence with a non-parole period of 11 years. I know of no murderer who has ever obtained parole at their first appearance. The way a life sentence works means that even on parole he will be liable to recall to prison until the day he dies. In reality he will not be released for at least 15-20 years.

McVicar has no moral authority to talk about justice in these matters. On behalf of SS he defended tagger-killer Bruce Emery who chased 15 year old boy Pihema Cameron for 300m down a street and then in a confrontation stabbed him to death with the knife he was carrying. Emery received a sentence of 4 years and was paroled in 2. McVicar thought he should never have been sent to prison in the first place with his case being discharged altogether.

SS are the organisation supposedly committed to the rights of victims of crime. But McVicar proved that SS is only concerned with those victims who fit their own stereotypes. McVicar has suggested to Radio NZ that convicted criminals – those who kill – should walk free provided the crime is stabbing taggers. McVicar commented on Radio NZ after Emery had been found guilty of the manslaughter of Pihema Cameron:

"... the trust would have liked to have seen Emery discharged altogether. Mr McVicar says this would have sent a message that minor crimes like graffiti need to be dealt with seriously."

So SS not only condones vigilantism, but execution too?


  1. The murderer is up with a major lotto win, from his killing he made a killing as any psychopath must see and be inspired by - had they divorced as she threatened (his motive) he'd have said goodbye to 20 million, now its only 60g... winning as Sheen might say!
    What gets me is that a man who beat his partner to death got twice the race horse owners non parole period the same day. What is more premeditated and calculating - beating or shooting?
    Please don't mistake the Spokespersons views for the members, they do not always bisect. Whatever faults the SST may have, it has achieved a lot of wins for victims like highlighting some really outrageous court hijinks & the beginning or foundation of the kind of compensation systems seen in more civilised places - that the current joke reparation system does not deliver.
    McVicar is not a choir boy but it doesn't mean that he doesn't get it right some of the time. I just think squeaky wheels can get us to take a fresh look, so encouraging them is kind of ok. As long as they get challenged where needed.

  2. Thanks for your comments Marty. What is annoying is the way the sentence was reported. The man received a life sentence. The non-parole period is the period that must be served prior to parole eligibility. It does not mean he will obtain release at that stage. But if when he obtains release on parole many years from now, he will still be under his sentence which is for life. Meaning that he will face recall to prison to serve his life sentence for even minor offending until the day he dies.
    SS has raised the importance of the rights of victims, however they have also contributed to policy leading to us having a bourgeoning prison population that is adding in itself to the breakdown of families and reoffending. I agree re squeaky wheels and debate. The trouble is the debate will not take place in a climate where passion and short sound bites override objective and calm debate.

  3. Hi Michael

    I am glad to see you are bringing Garth Mcvicar and his lust for revenge above the law.
    As you know Mcvicar and David Garrett has the habbit of gagging victims of crime including myself.
    I do not know how the media promote Mcvicar even after his cover up for David Garrett when Garrett stole from a dead child and Mcvicar covering up Garretts criminal past including Mcvicars own criminal past.
    As you know forward about the child abuse and child rapes Mcvicar is covering up for his SST members which after giving you and Garth Mcvicvar and SDavid Garrett evidence of this crime along side others only to be gagged with the family courts on behlaf Garth Mcvicar and his SST Marsh members.
    Garth Mcvicar is stating I am married to the Rowene Marsh and that I have a domestic violence order against me when all did is report the child rapes to you and have been over seas since then also as you know I am married to my Thai wife of 14 years and have two children,
    How does Garth Mcvicar getaway with his hate and revenge at any cost to others including PTSD victims and gets to cover up crimes including rob ppeople from their freedom of speech. ??